Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A lovely day, and a great car boot sale !!!

Just about five minutes down the road from my house is a farm. The owners have a car boot sale around 3-4 times a year, and it's great to just be able to walk there, instead of driving miles. Their last car boot sale was on Sunday, so was perfect as it was such a lovely, warm day!
I set off with DD, and my little granddaughter, and would like to show you what I found!

First of all was a lovely cream Laura Ashley enamelled tray! It's really pretty, and as I had admired them in the shop, this one had to come home with me!
Not bad for a pound, eh?! The china on the tray above is mine, I didn't find that too.
Also I found this very pretty Vintage glass jug, and the little metal rabbit jelly mould! These two will be coming with me to the Northampton Vintage & Homemade fair on Saturday 23rd October.
I wonder if anyone could answer a question for me? Does anyone know why there's a wire handle thing on the bottom of it? (as below). I don't know how it could be used to remove jelly etc, from the bunny.

I saw some really pretty rosy fabric tied up in string....

It was a gorgeous Laura Ashley single duvet & 2 pillowcases! I love the patchwork border of small spriggy roses, check, and the larger rosy print. Would be ideal for the spare room, or I could use it as fabric. I don't think I could cut it though, it's so pretty : )
Now the next finds I had to wash. (Please excuse the creased washing on the line!!!)

I found two beautifully embroidered linen table cloths!! (The other items, are pieces of pink floral cotton fabrics, that I want to pre-shrink for a patchwork quilt.)

This was the first one, so pretty, it must have taken hours to stitch!

Here's the other, really bright & vibrant with daffodils & spring flowers. They will look a lot better after ironing. This kind of ironing, I can't wait to do!!!!

All in all it was a good day. My daughter had some good finds too, as did my little granddaughter. 
The owners of the farm are moving, so this could be the last car boot sale ever, unless the new owners want to carry it on. The proceeds were for charity, and even our vicar was helping with the hot dogs!!! A lovely village event, on a lovely, warm October Sunday! Let's hope we get more days like this!!
In less than 2 weeks it will be the Vintage Fair, so I'd better get back to my stitching! So much to do, so little time!!


  1. Oh some really lovely embroidery! Funny how we all like 'that' kind of ironing! ;-)

    Sounds like a lovely carboot to go to.

  2. Lovely jubbly Sharon .... I really miss the car boots once winter sets in .... OMG can't believe we've got less than 2 weeks to Northampton. You should see the state of my sewing room ..... trying to decide what to bring and how to display .... me poor old menobrain is on overdrive ;-)

  3. Some gorgeous finds!
    Well done on the Laura Ashley tray its gorgeous! xx

  4. The embroidered cloths..'sigh'..what a find!..and the tray looks gorgeous with your pretty china on.
    Sadly our local car boot has mainly toys,clothes and lots of 'tat'..I seem to do better at the charity shops these days. :o)

  5. I love the Laura Ashley tray, oooh and the bedding is lovely! You did very well!

  6. Those embroidered cloths are gorgeous - well done. They'll look wonderful pressed.

  7. Some really lovely finds there. Love the duvet set and the little tray. It sounds like a lovely venue for a car boot. Would be a pity if it wasnt carried on.

    MBB x

  8. The rabbit is definitely an incredible find! Love it!

  9. I have that LA tray - it's one of my favourite things (and it cost me a jolly lot more than £1).

    Re: the wire thing on the rabbit (lucky you again!) do you think it could be some sort of stand/stabiliser for when it is the other way up setting?


  10. some great buys!! and just to let you know that shabby polka dots did show up on my dashboard xx

  11. Well did,nt you do well i could find a home for all of your pretties,what would we do with out our fix of car boots. Thank you for your lovely comment hugs Pat.

  12. Some gorgeous finds, especially the linen ... :0)

    Shirl x

  13. ooooh lucky you, I really like the tray and the quilt cover. I hope your new owners carry on the car boot tradition, I live miles from one and miss them so much, Karen x

  14. Stunning finds! I particularly love the duvet covers!
    im a novice at crafting, can you use duvet covers for patchwork quilting?
    Seeing yours (at the beginning of your blog) has completely inspired me to make my own :)

  15. These tablecloths look amazing! Indeed lovely designs and how many hours embroidery...
    Love, Maaike

  16. You're as bad as me for picking up stuff do you use them?