Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It's been busy - very busy!!!

Hi all, I have been a really bad blogger & haven't posted for ages!! I think I had better catch up with you all to let you know what I've been doing, and show you some of the lovely finds I have come across.
The first find was the one above. I had a stall at a local Vintage & handmade fair, and as my OH came to help, I managed to have a good look around, and found this gorgeous little shabby chic pine cupboard together with two cute little shelves!! Now, I should take this to my next Vintage fair, but I can't bear to part with it, and want to keep it. As I will be moving sometime next year, it will be used for display at fairs at present, and I want to keep it for my new 'old' home!!

I have been wanting a vintage eiderdown for ages, and couldn't resist this cute pink paisley one that my blogging friend , Wend, from Ticking Stripes had on her stall at the Northampton Vintage Fair. It is in lovely condition, and even has the original label on it from a manufacturer called 'Little Britain'. (A bit before Matt Lucas & David Walliams methinks!!!)

Guess where I found this..........

and this too ?

You'll never believe it...............


OH and I were having a grand clear out of my garage, and somehow this had been left wrapped up in newspaper in a cardboard box, and forgotten!!
It is part of a tea set my gran had, and gave to me in the 80's!! I was sooooo pleased to see it again : )

This pine chest of drawers had been used for a baby changing station, and at a good price, was perfect for my craft room. It is now full of fabric!! The old chest I had was melamine, and falling apart. This one is much stronger, holds more fabric, and certainly looks better!! The little oak swivel mirror was found the day after, and will be coming along to my next fair at Olney, Buckinghamshire.
What a lucky weekend that was!

I went on holiday the end of May/early June to Jersey.The weather was gorgeous, and it is a beautiful little island with lots of sandy beaches, and pretty countryside. Here's a few pics -

Really enjoyed it, and would recommend it to anyone. Those Jersey ice creams really are something else!!! : )

New cushions made : )

New pics....

.... and a cot quilt Iam working on in different pink floral prints, and polka dots. It only needs basting & machine quilting, but haven't got around to it yet!!
 I've come to the conclusion that there aren't enough hours in the day!!! : D


  1. I definitely agree with you about not enough hours in the day! Some lovely things you have, the eiderdown is wonderful.

  2. Lovely lovely finds.
    Do you need anyone to help you browse through you garage??? Finding gorgeous items like the tea set is worth a trip to help :o))

    {Dab and a dash.}

  3. Lorna, I wish I had found more china!!! It's now safely on my dresser!!!

    Sharon xx

  4. wow what a lot of lovely finds, I especially love the little cupboard at the top and I've got a pine chest of drawers like you found too! So special that you found your Granny's china again, I've got some of my Granny's china too and just love it. Catherine x

  5. What a lovely post! Jersey looks wonderful - perhaps one day I'll get to go on a holiday - like you say not enough hours - the cot quilt is amazing! And what finds- - - everything just perfect!!!! - Thank you for your kind comment about my kitchen - I must add some more pics- I am a proper make do and mend goddess of late!

    Marble Rose x

  6. lovely post and blog we like the same things x

  7. I quite agree. I haven't blog surfed or blogged for ages. Have just managed to find time again this week and now enjoying catching up with all my favourites. Love your post. x

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog to read Annie's post. It was a gorgeous story wasn't it? Have a very happy week. Em x

  9. You make some beautiful items, I have been looking to do something similar to the beach huts for a while. I have added it here ( and given you and your online shop credit for the inspiration.

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